What is a Portable Fire Fighting Pump?

A portable fire fighting pump is a device that allows water to be pumped to hose lines that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach. They are a necessary component for high pressure sprinkler systems that require long distance hose lays or to overcome static head losses (feet of dynamic head).

A fire pump is a centrifugal type pump, designed for transportable use in order to provide a high boost of water pressure to a sprinkler system (usually measured in psi or bar) when the normal supply source cannot handle this additional demand. Fire pumps are typically designed to meet the NFPA 20 Standard for the Installation of Pumps for Water-Based Fire Protection Systems and are listed by an approved certification body such as UL or FM Global.

Fire fighting pumps are also used in some industrial applications and may be operated using petrol or diesel engines, depending on the application. These types of fire pumps must also be manufactured to comply with world wide regulations relating to exhaust emissions and noise levels.

Angus Fire manufactures a range of self-contained portable fire fighting pumps powered by either petrol or diesel engines. They are supplied on a purpose built trailer that is capable of accommodating any model in the range with 4 lengths of suction hose, 4 lengths of Duraline fire hoses and all associated tools and equipment in the tool box provided. These pumps are able to operate directly off the engine and can be started by hand priming, exhaust primer or rotary vane primer depending on the model. portable fire fighting pump

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