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There are several small, as well as large, businesses who have used YouTube marketing as part of their overall marketing campaign. However, many businesses quickly find that they are not successful. Businesses who are not successful with using YouTube as part of their marketing strategy all generally fail for the same reasons.

The main reason that people fail at this type of marketing is that they create a profile, and then upload nothing but commercials. You don’t want to do that; you want to make your videos compelling, and interesting. That’s the reason that I have written this blog post; to give all of you out there some tips on making the most of YouTube.

Tip 1 would be as above; make your video compelling, interesting, and not only attention-grabbing, but make sure it keeps the viewer’s attention as well.

Tip 2 is about the type of video you post. As I said above, a lot of businesses have tried and failed at YouTube because they have been uploading commercials. If you do that, you’ve just wasted an hour or so. What you want to do is to post a how-to video, relative to your trade, a funny video involving some of your staff; anything, as long as it captures and keeps the attention of the viewer.

Tip 3 is to create a profile. The reason for this is so that the people watching your video can subscribe to your channel, and watch all of the videos you have created, as well as your favourites. This means that obviously your videos will be seen more, and people will start searching for your videos by your profile or channel’s name.

Tip 4 is about your profile as well. Make sure you include all of the keywords, not only relating to your business, but to the videos you post as well. This will help by improving your rank on search results, meaning more views.

Tip 5 is about the quantity of your videos. You don’t want to be just posting 1 or 2 and hoping that your website views will increase. You want to use your channel to your advantage, and make a lot more than just 1 or 2 videos; create a whole network of them, possibly a series where one video carries on in another. buy 4000 hours youtube watch time

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