Public Policy and Betting Shops

Betting shops are common in UK high streets, but they have become subject to increasing social and political concern over the past decade. These concerns include the concentration of betting shops in areas of social deprivation and the impact of these shops on the vitality and viability of town centres.

The impact of public policy measures designed to address these concerns has varied considerably. While a number of planning policies and planning control legislation have been introduced, these measures have had little influence on the location of betting shops in UK high streets or on their social acceptability.

Improved service environment and facilities for customers within betting shops:

During the 1980s, a number of leading betting shop companies sought to shake off the old-fashioned image of betting and to emphasise the social acceptability of gambling by offering improved services to customers. For example, comfortable seating facilities, air conditioning, tea, coffee and soft drinks, toilets, live television coverage of sporting events and betting prices on sporting events from the windows of betting shops were all introduced in this period.

Pre-printed betting slips and cash desk:

Today, many betting shops have adopted the use of pre-printed betting slips. These slips contain information about the different bet types and also provide guidelines for filling out the slips properly. This makes the process of placing a bet much easier for customers, and helps to prevent errors.

Fast payout:

Currently, most betting shops offer a quick and hassle-free way of withdrawing your winnings. With a few simple details (customer ID, valid proof of identity and your bet slip), you can easily collect your winnings from the betting shop. Sunday times

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