How to Hire a Good Divorce Lawyer

Finding a good divorce lawyer can be both time and energy consuming. It involves researching lawyers carefully, scheduling initial consultations and finally deciding on the best lawyer for the job. In addition to this, enquiring about the lawyer’s service, custody fights, experience with similar cases and trial versus mediation situations can be quite daunting. Also, finding the monetary resources to pay the attorney’s fees can become an area of concern. The following are a few aspects involved in hiring a good divorce attorney:

Finding a good divorce lawyer

Some of the best sources to ask for referrals of good divorce attorneys are doctors, therapists, the bar association, referral agencies and other lawyers. Ideally find three or more divorce attorneys so you can select from them based on who meets your criteria. Once a list of these lawyers has been made, contact them and schedule an initial consultation. On the basis of how well the consultation goes, you can make a decision.

Interviewing the lawyer

It is important that you ask for an initial consultation with the lawyer. Contact each lawyer on your list and ask for appointments so you can meet with them to discuss your requirements and gauge their services. Some lawyers offer a free half hour initial consultation, while others may charge you for this service. Also, make inquiries as to whether you will be expected to carry any documents when you go for the initial consultation so that the lawyer can better assess your situation.

Ask your divorce attorney about how he intends to proceed with your case. Get your lawyer’s opinion on negotiating with your spouse and taking your case to trial. If you have children whose custody can become a potential area of contention, ask your lawyer about the conditions under which sole and joint custody is awarded to parents.

Costs involved in hiring a lawyer

In relation to the costs of hiring an attorney, most clients are expected to pay retainer fees. Generally, this fee acts a surety that the lawyer will see your case through till it is resolved. In addition to this, you may be billed hourly rates for each consultation with the lawyer. Also if someone else is doing the paper work for your case you will have to pay assistant services rates. It is important to draw up a contract that details all the fees involved in hiring the services of a divorce lawyer.

Factors to bear in mind

Remember that an initial consultation with a lawyer does not imply that you have hired him. You can choose another lawyer after an initial consultation with one. Also, select a lawyer who explains the divorce process clearly to you. The lawyer should also be capable of handling both the trial and mediation efficiently.  Steuerberater Hattingen

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