How to Get Started in Diamond Painting

What is diamond painting?

Diamond painting is a fun and creative hobby that is taking the crafting world by storm. It is a simple yet effective craft that can be done at home and provides hours of creative entertainment. The kit includes a pre-printed sticky canvas, small resin gems (also called drills), an applicator pen that is dipped in wax to pick up the diamonds, and a color guide or legend to help you find the correct symbols.

How Do I Start Diamond Painting?

A diamond painting is a type of art that uses a grid of coded square or round shapes, each with a symbol in the center. The diamonds are glued to the canvas by following the colors in the color guide or legend. Once the canvas is complete, it is framed and hung on the wall.

What are the Differences Between Regular Diamond Paintings and 5D Diamond Paintings?

A regular diamond painting is done using smaller-sized and less-faceted diamonds. A 5D diamond painting is done with larger-sized and more-faceted diamonds that create a higher shine, as well as a 3D look to the artwork.

Getting Started

You can purchase a diamond painting kit at your local hobby store, online, or through an independent crafter. These kits are usually inexpensive and include everything you need to get started, including the sticky canvas, diamonds, an applicator pen, and wax.

Choose a Size for Your Painting

If you’re new to diamond painting, we recommend starting with a smaller canvas. These are often easier to work with, and provide beautiful details that are worth displaying in your home.

Make sure to select a good-quality canvas for your painting. You don’t want to end up with creases and scuff marks that will ruin your final product.

Use a Plastic Sheet to Cover Your Canvas

Before you begin diamond painting, it’s best to cover the canvas with the plastic sheet that came with your kit. This will ensure that the diamonds adhere to the canvas properly and prevent scuff marks.

Seal Your Diamonds With Wax

Having a waxy finish is very important for a diamond painting. This will ensure that your painting stays shiny, even if you spill water on it. The wax will also keep your diamonds from falling off the canvas or moving around while you’re working on it.

Use a Square Base for Better-Looking Diamonds

For a higher-quality and more-shiny painting, you should use a square base instead of round ones. A square base closes all gaps between the diamonds, so you can achieve a more clear and bright finish to your painting.

The best place to buy a diamond painting kit is at your local craft store or online. Many stores have an extensive money-back policy if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Organize Your Drills

It’s easy to lose track of your diamonds when you are busy with the craft, so it’s important to organize them as soon as possible. This will save you a lot of time and energy as you paint.

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