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Here in this article we are going to focus on some of the most popular and highly recommended craps books that can be easily attained online including books for beginners,Guest Posting advance strategy for experienced players and books educating about dice control.

Craps for the Clueless: A Beginners Guide to Playing and Wining (The Clueless Guides) by John Patrick

As the name clearly states, the book is about learning the basics of playing craps. The information listed in the book is provided in easy to understand language that will allow you to get familiar with the terminology commonly used at craps table. In addition to explaining the game-play, this book on craps includes some of the wining strategies adopted by the pros.

John Patrick is himself a pro gambler and is well-known as an author of several guides on gambling. He also hosted the famous television show “So You Wanna Be a Gambler” that was broadcast on the national cable network for more than a decade. As per Patrick, “The Big Four” that play a crucial role for in successful gambling are – using bankroll properly, game knowledge, money management and strict discipline.

Beat the Craps Out of Casinos: How to Play Craps and Win! By Frank Scoblete

The guide provides practical information for the new players as well as the pros. The book categorically defines what can be done for beating the house including information about the bets that can reduce the edge of the house and the bets that you not be played.

Frank Scoblete is among the best selling gambling writer in the United States and Golden Touch director that provides seminars on blackjack and craps. Some of the other craps books from Frank include “Get the Edge at Craps”, “Forever Craps” and “The Captains Craps Revolution”.

Craps Take the Money and Run by Henry J. Tamburin

This great book on craps talks about making fast money by playing craps at casinos. The guide explains the game mechanics, best bets, betting system for increasing odds and take the money and run strategy thoroughly. It also has a dedicated chapter on utilizing the pass line bet for maximum gain. It also contains several lessons on the tournaments and new versions of the game.

The author Dr. Tamburin is an ardent fan of gambling and has been gambling for more than 25 years. The strategies and methods listed in his guide are based on his own personal experiences.

Dice Control for Casino Craps by Yuri Kononenko

Mechanics and mathematics of the concept of dice control are explained quite thoroughly in this guide using the simple language.

Some of the other craps books that will help you learn the art of dice control and gain an edge over the casino are Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution! How to Win at Craps Using a Controlled Dice Throw! by Frank Scoblete and Dominator, and The Craps Underground: The Inside Story of How Dice Controllers Are Winning Millions from the Casinos by Frank Scoblete casino table games

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